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Before our meeting, this business was theoretical and ready to take off. However, two crucial details were missing: the brand name and its face — the logo. The team, divided into groups, worked for two long days and fought for their version. As a result, we provided the client with five working versions of the name that reflected the essence and philosophy of the business, among which he chose the winner. This is how the NEW START brand was born.

It was born and immediately began to gain weight. In a rapid flow, the brand flew through 6 fast and productive months, fully fulfilling the task set by the client. Moreover, when the business owner had lived with his creation for six months, gone through all the stages of formation, and gained experience and confidence, we were tasked with giving the business a second wind and bringing it to a fundamentally new level. The client was so pleased with the brand creation process that he asked us to do it again, but this time based on new data and actual human values.

And the thunder rolled again: the creative teams worked and consulted, and a few days later, we sent the client a new batch of material, although we knew which option he would choose because we were 500% sure of this name. And the very next morning, the “LYUDY VSYUDY” brand was born. And then…


And then, the designers began to work in-depth on the brand's overall look, its design in social media profiles, and the main features for advertising campaigns.

The flight of imagination was limited only by the colors and style the designers had put into the brand book, so flying was easy and exciting. Most of the time, the artists were engaged in creativity, not fitting it into a framework, as is often the case. Thus, the client could finally see and show off his creation to his friends and colleagues by simply showing them an Instagram profile. We will talk more about this in the next section.

SMM and Targeting

Everything was as simple as possible with this area: the profile was filled with content created by our talented designers. The content was divided equally between 2 areas: current vacancies and valuable, informative publications with guides and answers to the main questions of jobseekers. Our main task was to write exciting and readable texts so that the user would have no questions but one: "What should I do to get started as soon as possible?". Moreover, to do this, it was enough to leave a comment under any desired vacancy or write direct messages, after which moderators started working and communicated with each client substantively and individually.

Targeted advertising was responsible for the number and quality of these applications. We have been working with this brand for more than two years. Although this business has yet to reach the national scale, it confidently and steadily brings hundreds of jobseekers jobs and its owners — satisfaction, and income. That is why the number of applications the call center processes is significant. Below are the total numbers for several major advertising campaigns for lead generation: Views — 2,375,471 Coverage — 554,733 Unique ad clicks — 38,288 Leads — 10,866 Average cost per lead — $0.28

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